Monday, January 18, 2016


When you have cleared a certain amount of beliefs and density from your body you then vibrate higher and can access the higher dimensions.

When I say body, I am referring to the complex that is made up of your persona/psyche/ego as part of your physical, mental and emotional reality. This reality that you are is a belief system kept in place by your consciousness and memory. Everything you are is what you believe you are which is a thought you agree to, that you hold onto.

You are a construct of beliefs. These beliefs are frequencies of light vibrating at different speeds, holding different levels of information and therefore awareness based on the the level of light that you infuse into your complex. You infuse levels of awareness into yourself by what level of ideation you choose to believe. Yes, it is a choice! How you live is a choice that you are responsible for!!!

Let's look at an example. If you believe that money is the root of all evil, your consciousness will present to you, put you in realities in which that belief system will play out. So, you might live in lack or poverty because you believe money is evil. You subconsciously don't want to touch money. If you, however, believe money is flow, that it is a means of energy exchange, you will find yourself in abundance because you believe in money as flow, as an energy that can be accessed easily. You believe you can get into money's flow. You do not believe it is evil. You have a positive belief energy around money and therefore, it is attracted to you.

When you release old, worn out belief systems that no longer serve you, you open the way for beliefs of a higher nature to enter your realm and then you vibrate at a higher level of reality or what is called a dimension. Don't let the word "dimension" scare you. It's just a reality like this one and there are as many dimensions as there are belief systems.

What this releasing of old energy beliefs could feel like is going from a belief system of lack, where you believe that your success means you are going to lose something, some other shoe is going to drop to a belief that abundance is the true nature of your existence and you allow the flow of all that is good to you. Instead of never having, you move into a dimension of always having great abundance.

This releasing of lower density belief systems is what I like to call gaining clarity. It is clearing out that which brings you down to that which brings you up.

The choice is self evident.

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