Monday, December 28, 2015

Your Soul Speaks To You Through Feelings

If you've ever considered if your soul talks to you and wondered what language it speaks to you in, you may want to consider that your soul speaks to you through feelings.

What are feelings? What are their derivation? You may say the brain or the heart and I have discovered that feelings are quantum in nature and are received by the human brain and heart but our feelings don't originate there. Our feelings originate in our soul. Our soul is what drives the bus. Take away a human's soul and they are what? Whatever they are, they are no longer a complete human in my view. Perhaps there are beings who don't have souls in the way we do. In that case, what drives their bus is pure intellect or perhaps pure ego.

For me, I pay attention to what my feelings tell me because I have concluded that my soul is trying to tell me something. I honor my feelings and I have come to a place of recognition of what my real feelings are and the difference of those of other souls around me or the soul of the human collective or prevailing mindset that I may have unwittingly taken on. I think it's vital to know how each of us really feels and not the false feelings engendered by the brainwashing of society, government, religion, spirituality, financial world manipulation, etc.

The soul is pure and will not mislead you. It will not ask you to be destructive or harmful. The soul is a masterful guidance system that will take you on a path of deep realization if you let.

YOU must also talk TO your soul. The first and best way to start talking to your soul is to listen to it in yourself and others. The second way is to nurture your soul with thoughts and actions that uplift it like going into nature, cultivating yourself through the arts which is the soul's expression, meditating, USING POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS, showing kindness, compassion, Love, tolerance, understanding, appreciation and gratitude for all you have and experience, bringing peace and charity to yourself and others.

Cultivating your soul IS TALKING TO YOUR SOUL and it will speak to you in deeper and deeper awareness bringing you a wellspring of wisdom, Love and peace.

The soul does speak, we just have to listen. Sometimes, it takes practice to be in this awareness. The time for that practice is now, now more than ever.

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