Thursday, December 31, 2015

You Create Yourselves

You create yourselves, that you create your reality by your thoughts. Your human experience, although very much controlled by your soul, is also motivated through the free will thoughts, ideas and beliefs of your persona/psyche/ego. These thoughts color, create and define the experience you are having as a human being.

That's why there is all this talk about mastering your physical self. YOU want to be in charge of your experience and not let the past always color your now. If you believe you are less than other people, states of being, states of consciousness, don't deserve things you want, your reality will be that of wanting and never of having what truly makes you happy. You are given your mindset meaning if you resonate that thing, it echoes back to you in your experience. If you have a mindset of lack consciousness, you will live in a reality of lack always wondering why your efforts don't bring you abundance. You live in a cognitive trap, being lack, working hard for more and never getting it because lack is what your thoughts are sending the Universe and the Universe obliges.

Create yourself anew by moving into new energy, new thoughts. It can happen by a simple change in your thought patterns and beliefs. It's not the hard work that gets you a new and better reality. It's the hard thinking. Change your thinking to a state of abundance consciousness by releasing your belief in lack.

There is no lack. No such thing. It has nothing to do with more money or more of anything. It's a change in your state of being, your consciousness.

Stop being busy creating lack. Don't think that being busy is success. Success is in achieving abundance consciousness that sees your reality as one created with everything you need, where all is well, where you have no worries, you've gotten out of survival mode into the self-assurance that you will always be sustained.

Lack is a creation of the persona/psyche/ego. Abundance is a creation of your soul. Follow your heart to the field of abundance that is staring you in the face. Your whole beingness is about riches so start creating yourself in the image of riches.

Creation is rich and you are a part of it. The disconnect is not seeing the obvious. Go with this abundance attitude into the New Year and you WILL have a happy new year!!!

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