Friday, December 11, 2015

What Is Being In The Flow?

We've all heard the expression, "Go with the flow." We are all aware that there is something called "flow" that we can be a part of in moving lightly on our path, moving easily in our life but what is this "flow" exactly and how do we consciously get there?

I experience flow every moment and I can describe what I experience to you.

When I am going with he flow, my sense, my feeling is that I have dropped my egotistic approach, that is, I have dropped my hold on worry, fear, anxiety, the pressures of achieving an end result and have moved into the personal creation of comfort and trust that SOMEHOW it will all turn out fine.

I release pre-conceived expectations. You see, I have already implicitly given the Universe instructions as to my intent. No need to hold anything. With this perspective, I find that my degree of awareness has heightened and I become aware of the synchronous nature of the Universe that I am ineluctably a part of.

In a sense, I become what I am, a part of the Universe and I use that state of grace in every aspect of my life.

I know I am IT and IT is what I attract, IT being the flow, and so my self-expression becomes one of health, wealth, joy and fertility.

I am not IN the flow, I am not going WITH the flow, I AM THE FLOW!!!

That's how we consciously get to flow, by being it.

When you parent your ego to step aside, you can emerse in the river of forgiveness and Love and you become unconditional and uncontaminated by the constrictions of ego. You drop your survival needs and realize you will always be SUSTAINED. That's being in the flow.

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