Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Victim or Victor?

Victims find victims and victors find victors. Whether you are a victim or victor, it's a consciousness thing. What does that mean? It means that you choose the role you want to play. You maintain the level of consciousness that makes you either a victim or victor.

Life does not "happen" to you; it "happens" from what you make happen from the level of consciousness you are operating from. This is real for me as I experience this over and over again.

If I operate from a place of fear, which being a victim is all about, I attract fear to me because the benevolent Universe gives us exactly what we ask for. Ask to be a victim by being in victim consciousness and bingo, it's yours to experience. Do you realize the implications of this? It means you are responsible for your actions, not the Universe, not God, not Jesus, not Allah, not Buddha, not Mohammed!!! You and only you determine your "happenings."

That's why choices are vitally important and they must be considered as to what consequences you want to experience.

If you want to experience victimhood, make those choices in your life from the consciousness of the victim. If you want to experience victory, make those choices in your life from the consciousness of the victor. I know I am simplifying this awareness here and it does take conscious application and practice to be aware of your actions to consciously choose the best path for yourself.

I started with the affirmation, "I am effortlessly intending that this come about." I chose to see my life in the victory lane. I shifted my perspective to one of being a winner in life, loving myself, taking care of myself, being my own best advocate, creating boundaries, understanding who I really am and why I am here on earth. Most importantly, I allowed Spirit to guide me.

Spirit never directed me toward being a victim, never!

What is your consciousness? Victim or victor? Look at your life and realize that you hold the reins of your life, not the Church, not the government, not your family, not your friends, not your doctor, not your bank, not the news media, not your TV, not your neighbor. You!!!

Go out and be victorious!

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