Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Force Awakens

Why are people so taken by "Star Wars, The Force Awakens"? What is this "force" all about, anyway?

Being a Blue Ray Purpose of Love and Wisdom who comes from a realm far, far away myself and one who has lent his presence on Earth to assist in awakening the "Force", I can tell you what the "force" really is and why all humans crave it: the "force" that "Star Wars, The Force Awakens" shows is a metaphor of the cosmic Force of Love.

Love is the most powerful force in the Cosmos bar none. Love is THE Creative Force of the Cosmos. When you are strong in the "Force" you can do anything including heal, create peace, abundance, manifest whatever you desire, stop the dark forces, maintain harmony, and so much more. This "Force" is in all of us!!! You are given free will to be it, use it, follow it if you choose. Humanity has chosen to awaken to this "Force." This must be celebrated!!!!!!!

This movie reflects what is happening in humanity despite all the negativity on the planet., the Force of Love is awakening.  I cannot repeat it enough!

The dark forces are fighting desperately against this because when the "Force" of Love fully awakens in humanity, all the dark forces will be gone. Thus the reason for the title of the film being "Star Wars" as in the battle between the forces of Light and Dark. This is not hocum. This is very real. I know because I am in this battle and have been since I arrived here millennia ago. I have steadfastly held my vibration, Force of Love and Light and I am happy to report that Love and Light has prevailed. Otherwise, you would not be seeing, "Star Wars, The Force Awakens."

The Death Star has been vanquished as shown in the film. I strongly encourage you to get with the "Force" of Love. Be strong in the Force. The Force is strong with you, accept it. Anything contrary means you have elected to move on from this planet!

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