Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Renegade Member of the Family of Light

As a Blue Ray purpose of Love and Wisdom, one of my roles here on planet Earth is as a renegade member of the family of Light. My function here is as a systems buster where I make myself available for altering systems of consciousness within the free will Universe. I am on call.

I am here to disturb the force of the 3 D matrix with more Love and Light simply by being present with conscious awareness on our planet.

I do not harm this world in any way. I am not part of any destructive force. I am an agent of change, a special tool of the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence. I am from a Light Realm far away from the consciousness here on Earth.

The systems of consciousness that I am here to alter are the ones of "old energy" that are no longer viable for the planet and all who inhabit her.. These are systems of religion, government, politics, banking, education, and societal facades that are really about greed, selfishness, fear, hate, envy, jealousy, self-loathing, lack of self-worth, lack of kindness, compassion and peace.

I have contributed to moving the vibrational level of the planet and her people's into the 5th dimensional level of Love from where I function in the 8th and 9th dimensions.

My message today is to be Love now and merge with the planetary dimension that is here now. It is calling you to be Love. The Force of Love has awoken. Now is the time to allow yourself to be this Force without doubt, hesitancy, reservation or ego.

Let go of the old ways. They no longer serve you. Staying in the discordance, the distortion, the illusion of the values of the 3 D matrix is your free will choice. I encourage you to move out of those limited ways and bring about Love, peace, equality, equanimity, compassion, and wisdom on Earth.

You must or perish.

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