Sunday, December 6, 2015

Must I Prove You Wrong?

"The warrior who trusts his path doesn't need to prove the other wrong." Paulo Coelbo.

When you trust your path, you have nothing to defend and therefore, you are not defensive. Our world is filled with many defending their isms, dying for their isms, killing others for their isms. This is a state of high ego defensiveness, bellicosity and arrogance. Belief systems are thought constructs and not who we are, contrary to popular opinion. We are spiritual beings having a symbiotic relationship with nature. Soul drives the bus, not ego. Terrorism and killing for an ism is the height of ego defensiveness.

The state of my higher consciousness, my spiritual connection cannot be taken, dampened, ruined, brought asunder as it is part of the All There Is. As I live in that, I am whole and don't need or care to convince you of that reality. I don't need you to believe in what I believe because it is your free will choice to believe what you choose. This universe was deigned that way as in this is a free will universe. Free will is both a curse and a blessing because it can be used to both harm and heal OURSELVES!!! The higher spiritual authority is in all of us and we all feel it and express it differently. We just have to become more CONSCIOUS of it in order to realize we are all in Spirit's favor, not just a few of us. Many are in the prevailing human mindset that lives in do or die!!! It is up to you if you want to die for a don't have to.

Higher spiritual authority has already moved the level of consciousness of our planet and its people's to a higher level where there is more love and peace despite all the terror we are seeing in the world. It's just that many have not caught up with this new level of consciousness due to their free will choice of not wanting to.

That's right, they choose not to. This is willfulness, not willingness.

The spirit, the force of love is in all of us. That force doesn't need to be proven right or wrong.

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