Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I Did Not Come Here To Kill!

As an evolved soul or what you would call an old soul, I did not incarnate this time to kill...anything!

I am following and am a part of the Law of One, the Prime Directive that posits the truth that we are One Self, all connected in the Cosmic Web of everlasting life and killing other-self is killing myself!!! Why would I do that? I love life and have love for myself in the sense of being in the force of Love.

No matter what any sacred text says, I will not kill my brother. I do not own a gun. Don't want one.

I do not interfere with your free will. If you want to be a radical, fundamentalist religionist who creates rationales of interpretation to kill, that is your free will choice. Please remember though, that your choice comes with consequences. You will face consequences, many of which will be, like your evil, destructive choice, bellicose, arrogant and egotistic.

Killing another for a belief is not Love. It is service to self and that is negativity. I am about service to other-self. Other-self, to me, comes before even myself as in I think of you first and I know by that desire alone, I will be taken care of too.

Do not tell me your rationale to kill other people for your differing beliefs comes from God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Yaweh, Jehovah or any Messiah! My connection to the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence has made me aware that Spirit does not tell us to kill one another!

Persona/psyche/ego of the lower echelons is the domain of strife, of killing our fellow man.

When you see the tribal warfare of ISSIS, Christians and others for so-called religious beliefs, that is the height of ego, not Spirit.

The goal of dominating this globe with a religious belief is pure lower ego. Ego cannot win because it is a dissonant thought construct.

I did not come here to kill, I came here to Love. You?

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