Thursday, December 10, 2015

I Am Who? I Am What?

Stepping onto your own wisdom path is about discovering who and what you REALLY are, I have found.

Through the traversing of my own wisdom path and asking who and what I really am, I discovered that I am an expression of the void, I am a purpose, not a beingness. I am intimately associated with the IS. I am an expression of the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence manifested in human format to experience intent in action.

Having discovered this, I am seeing now that my friends in the prevailing mindset, the mass consciousness, on earth, are now just beginning to ask themselves the very same questions I was forced to ask myself on my wisdom path: who am I? What am I?

If you have not asked yourself these questions AND are on your own wisdom path, may I encourage you to go down that rabbit hole and ask yourself those two pivotal questions the answers to which will shift your focus to the spiritual reality that you are not just your body, thoughts, emotions. You are so much more! You will discover the real reasons you are here.

I will tell you that it will take courage on your part to ask these questions and answer them truthfully. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. All must and will answer these two questions, I perceive.

Why not broach them now? Why not discover who you really are now?

I plant the seed of these thoughts in love for all who are coming to higher realizations in these chaotic times, no more and no less.

For me, I am now at a time of speaking my spiritual, not religious, truth!

I do not proselytize, I sympathize! Peace above all else be with you!

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