Saturday, December 5, 2015

Get Out Of The Matrix By Becoming A Free Thinker

A sure sign you are a slave to the matrix is your conditioned mindset that is easily manipulated by the powers that be. The only way to get out of the matrix is to start by becoming a free thinker.

Here are Seven traits of a free thinker for you to consider:

1. Creativity is your natural birthright.

2. Beware of groupthink and herd mentality.

3. Perspective is key.

4. Knowledge is provisional.

5. Popping the time bubble.

6. Defying institutional pressures.

7. Perception is to be altered not accepted.

The prison matrix is a belief system construct. We were all brought up on assumptions that were inculcated into us from birth. Many of these assumptions are not ours. What are YOUR real beliefs and thoughts? How do YOU feel about things and not the feelings and thoughts you were told to have by society, the government, religion, your parents or teachers?

If you want to free yourself from the matrix, it starts with freeing your mind. The above seven traits are a good start to become a free thinker, detached from the machine that has fed you many misperceptions from birth.

Original thinking, thought leadership, questioning everything are good ways to crack the conditioned mind, the mind that is owned by the matrix. A good recent example of control was Black Friday and Cyber Monday where people were whipped into a frenzy to enter stores to buy more stuff and behave like animals.

Once you free yourself, you will connect with higher mind, higher ego and higher emotions that are not designed to kill, destroy, attack or hate. The matrix is the domain of the lower ego that wants to keep things the same, always.

Become a free thinker, it's the beginning of wisdom, the wisdom to construct, not destruct.

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