Wednesday, December 16, 2015


It seems, from my perception of our human condition, that we humans have forgotten our power and connectedness to the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence.  All the troubles I see created by humans on the planet are created by humans failing to recognize the Light that is always available for those who seek illumination.

The lesson humanity does not want to learn it seems, with all it's egotistical tribal and religious conflicts raging like wildfires, is loving ourselves as we are loved by the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence.

The planet is rife with religious ego where humans are believing that THEIR religion is the truth and all others are false.

I know this from Christians, Muslims and Jews telling me this and they are convinced that their way is the only way.

Secret: the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence has no religion!!!!!! Our Creator is NOT Christian Muslim or Jewish. The Creator is Love! That Love is in us. We are that Love.

Stop the old, worn out, tired argument that being the Love of the Creator in flesh is blasphemy. Stop the outmoded belief system that you have to go through Jesus to be saved or Mohammed or some Messiah.

Human power and connectedness to the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence is endemic to humans.

To stop all the nonsensical killing of our fellow humans for religious reasons we must once again remember who we are: Spirit having a human experience and NOT the other way around.

Killing is evil no matter what book you site as your authority. Killing another is free will run amok.

Love yourself and stop loathing yourself!!!! It's the first major step to world peace.

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