Sunday, December 20, 2015

Find New Challenges

The best way to revitalize one's life, one's future, I have found, is to give oneself new challenges. This is at the heart of finding more passions for yourself about life, in life. At the very core of this life perspective is being open to a life review and letting go of beliefs that no longer serve one.

The past is done and the future is unknown. All you have is the now, the present which is the best time to release old baggage.

In your now moment, you can do a life review, by sitting in your quiet place and honestly following
these suggestions:

1. Take stock of where you've been.

2. Look at what you've learned.

3. How are the lessons you have learned a valuable asset for today and tomorrow?

4. Notice life patterns that aren't serving your highest good.

5. Take steps to release those patterns.

Doing a life review takes courage. Take as much time as you need with this and allow yourself a fresh new perspective on your life that this will give you. This is the beginning of opening yourself up to new challenges and revitalizing your future.

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