Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Feeling Someone's Soul

I am one of those people that can feel another's soul. It's my major means of connection with others and is a part of my empathic nature. I did not realize I had been doing this until my conscious awakening much later in life.

My memory of soul connections starts with a sense of connecting with a mystical presence as a child looking out the side window of my father's car as I sat in the back looking up at the sky while he drove us to places. Next it was my girlfriends in Junior High School when I was 15 and as I look back and remember two amazing girls with great souls that attracted me and that I befriended and had romantic involvement with, I realize that these were soulful connections. You see, it wasn't about their looks. It was about something inside that attracted me. I could feel their poetry, their aliveness, their intelligence. We had so much connection, soul to soul and everything we did together came very alive. As a matter of fact, our physical attraction took a back seat, although I did have moments of handholding, kissing and hugging.

As I started watching the medium, Teresa Caputo on "Long Island Medium," I began connecting with something she would tell her clients who were looking for connection/validation with their deceased loved ones. Whenever theses people held some material thing of their departed loved one, she told them that the souls of their loved ones were with them right then. This is a clue to soul connection, feeling another's soul in a way that we living overlook.

What I am getting at is that how we perceive our loved ones' souls is through feeling. We feel them. It doesn't matter how they decide to come to us or remind us of them, whether it's through claireaudience, dreams, photos of them, songs, daydreams, animals, psychic visions, etc. Feeling is the connection as in when we smell their fragrance through claireaudience, we get an essential feeling inside our soul about them. We get a sense of them as to how we knew them when they were in body.

This is very subtle but very real and happens to and for all of us but we dismiss it because we don't believe in the so-called afterlife. We even dismiss connecting with their souls when they are alive. I know some of us are connecting in this way consciously or not but not enough of us.

What I am telling you here is that your relationships ARE of a soul to soul nature whether you believe in that or not. You are relating to that in others. It's not just a physical or mental thing as we are conditioned to think it is. Our souls drive this bus. Our souls make the decisions although we can override our souls with our free will. Our souls rule the day!!!

More and more, people are connecting with others on a soul level. Look at the popularity of the songstress/composer, Adele. Why fans are so attracted to her music is because she is an empath who sings about soulful experiences. She is connecting with us on a soul level and we love it.

The time of vacuous connections with others based on just sex or intellect are over. This is a time of soul connection, a time of feeling another's soul whether they are in body or not. Begin by allowing your feelings to be heard, connect with your feelings as that is your soul talking to you.

Feelings that are of a so-called good and bad nature are not to be dampened and I am not talking about evil feelings about destroying or killing and if you are having those, you may want to see a therapist or psychiatrist to help you deal effectively with them so as not to hurt yourself or others. I am talking about the feelings we all have every day. Begin with everyday feelings and begin connecting with your soul there. That will help you connect with other souls!

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