Thursday, December 17, 2015

Emotional Healing

Of great importance to each of us and humanity as a whole is emotional healing.

Look into yourself, look around the world and what do you see?

I have been on the road to consciously healing my broken heart since my wife suddenly died in 2012 and healing myself from the collective world angst. The collective emotional state of humanity could use some emotional healing as you will observe by taking a look at these five important signs that tell us we are emotionally wounded:

1. Humanity is stuck on repeat.

2. Most people's minds are overworked.

3. Many have lost their intuition.

4. Too many people are reactive instead of proactive.

5. We see many of our human friends having difficulty trusting.

There are more signs but these are the most important and obvious to me.

The first step that I found to my emotional healing was an intention within to become whole again knowing that my heart was broken and that I was angry being caught up in world problems. I explored my emotions, not ignored them. It hurt to feel so deeply but I was determined to forgive myself and move on because I simply didn't really enjoy suffering.

I turned my mindset from one of sadness for my loss to gladness for the awesome life I have lived and desired to continue living.  When I say turned my mind, I mean a complete 360 degree turn to being in happiness. I mean not allowing world problems to affect me. I realized that I could heal the emotional state of humanity by healing myself emotionally. I have done/am doing this.

 I am putting a call out to all of you to do the same!!!

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