Monday, December 7, 2015

Be Yourself

"Be yourself, the world worships the original." Ingrid Bergman

I see conformity as the biggest threat to human culture, human society. We are made, cajoled, trained to fit in, get along, be quiet, believe everything we're told, shut up, don't make waves at the cost of damage to our personas/psyches/egos.

It starts in school with peer pressure, the social pressure to be like everyone else. It asks us to dampen down our originality. We are constantly told not to be too loud in our characters.

One of the reasons, and there are many, people become psychologically imbalanced is that they are made to stuff their signature energies into a limited and narrow box and not show who they really are. They are usually shunned and find themselves on the outskirts of society.  Society wants originality yet it is afraid of it at the same time. Most schools have programs for the academically gifted and talented. Where are the programs for the creative geniuses, the original thinkers? Let us promote the actors, shamans, painters, comics, dancers, singers, writers, directors and original thinkers among others.

Understand that I am not condoning dysfunctional behavior where people who harm others are allowed to run rampant nor am I talking about those that have psychological issues that prevent them from functioning optimally in every day life. These are different issues and must be cared for differently. Even among those who have issues are creative geniuses. Look at Van Gogh and there are many others we would characterize as dysfunctional but who contributed much to advancing culture.

I am talking about each and every one of us who has something original within us. We all have our own signature energies. We are all original. Some of us show it in greater ways in their lifetime. Not everyone is the same so let us cultivate true originality as a matter of course and stop putting everyone in a conformist box.

Let's start allowing the true genius in our people to rise beyond mere academics to include creative thinking, creative problem solving and creative being. We are creative beings so let's use schools to teach our children about how to effectively use their creative imaginations.

Let's teach children how to be themselves without recrimination as children or adults.

Let's move society out of conformist norms.

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