Sunday, December 13, 2015

Be A "Way Shower"

"Way showers" lead the masses out of darkness. To be a Way shower, you have to know what one is.

From my experience in being a Way shower, this is a human being who is generally an older soul as in a soul with a higher level of awareness garnered from either many lifetimes of experience on earth or a being incarnated in human form who is from a planet, realm or dimension of higher consciousness and vibration. They are humans who already are functioning from higher dimensions and bring the higher awareness of these dimensions with them to share with mass consciousness that is still not functioning on that level as in humans on earth still make war and kill which is an old, outdated energy of bellicosity, arrogance and ego.

Way showers are generally showing others the ways of peace on earth, unconditional love for other humans and beings on earth, compassion, wisdom, health, abundance, kindness, charity, generosity, appreciation and gratitude among other higher vibrational values.

We can see this reflected in such Way showers as Jeshua the Christos, Mahatmas Ghandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Nelson Mandela and his Holiness, the Dalai Lama among many others

The above examples of master Way showers simply are ones who led the way to move the direction of humanity on the path to a society and culture of love, peace, non-violence, charity and compassion among other higher vibrational realities.

If you are serious about developing your awareness, your wisdom, it is time for you to be a Way shower. Lead by example and not talk. Talk is cheap. Words don't mean anything any more. It is your leading the way by being your truth. Be the leader you were meant to be. Be a Way shower now. We need you.

This leadership dos not have to be grandiose. It can be just in the way you live. When you live with love, compassion, peace, kindness, wisdom and charity, you will be noticed and others will want to be like you. They will want to know how you got this way and will want this for themselves, will desire to emulate this.

Be the thing itself and not the word of it because the map is not the territory. Any word that describes a value like love is not love.

In order to be a Way shower, you have to have experienced the value, not read about it in a book.

Stop reading, start doing.

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