Monday, December 21, 2015

"As In Me It Shall Be Done"

 "As in me it shall be done." Why is this statement important today and what does it mean?

Whether you want to accept it or not, there is no evil spirit after your soul and there is nothing controlling your reality except YOU. The only way anyone or thing can control your thoughts, feelings and actions is if YOU allow them to.

What YOU believe, think and feel are in YOU and THAT determines the through line of your reality, your actions, your life as you experience it. What you attract as your experience is what is resonating in you, meaning in your subconscious. This is the domain of the soul, that consciousness of your soul that acts like a magnet for what will eventually be your actions. How it is in you is how your life will play out.

That's why it's important to understand yourself and know what is going into your thoughts, feelings and soul. This is the mindful attitude that discerns HOW and WHAT you allow into the domain of your being. Are you letting yourself be exposed to angry, hateful, envious, jealous, resentful, fearful and frustrated thinking and feeling? If you are, don't be surprised if your life is filled with those kinds of experiences. THIS NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE IS THE DOMAIN OF THE LOWER EGO!!!

On the other hand, if you are loving, courageous, compassionate, kind, fearless and wise, your subconscious will help to move your actions in the direction of those values. The soul drives the bus! You aren't driving. You are just along for the ride but you do have a say about what rides with you.

Look at people like the Dalai Lama who practice love, kindness and compassion. What are his actions like? One thing I know is that he is still working to save his Tibetan people's against Chinese tyranny. Look at others who put hate into their subconscious and look at their actions. There are many  contemporary examples of the actions of haters to elaborate them here.

All humans have the ability to be in peace, to be love, compassion, kindness and wisdom. The difference in those that come in chaos is what they allow to be in them. Allowance is the key.

What do you allow in you? This is the question to be asked of ourselves during this Chrisrmas time of Love and Light.

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