Sunday, December 27, 2015

After Christmas...Stay Appreciative And Grateful

Christmas, to me, is about being appreciative and grateful for the gifts, talents and blessings we are graced with every day. We can behave in the happy fashion that we do at Christmas time, every day of our lives. This does not have to be grandiose. It can be acted out in the quiet of every day living in which we hold the Christmas feeling for what we are so very blessed with at every turn.

This is shown in appreciating and being grateful for being alive, having family, friends, our pets, our jobs, money, shelter, food, medicine  and the level at which you are at, whether your abundance is large or small, stop cursing the sky for misfortune made by you. Start living with appreciation and gratitude for everything you have and are and watch your life expand with more to be appreciative and grateful for no matter your condition.

Stop the phoney friendliness at Christmas, the phoney cheer.  Start being kind, compassionate, cheerful, honest all the time...even when you don't have everything you want. Even when people aren't nice to you. Be real in this.

Being appreciative and grateful for the happy AND dark moments of your life is the key to the message in Christmas, the key to happy living.

Christmas for me is about having an expanded consciousness of that which is always being born in us in greater and greater awareness: the Christ consciousness. This is the consciousness of true Love for ourselves and others. Love consciousness is the real and true gift of Christmas.

We Love ourselves with deep appreciation and gratitude and that is the key to living the meaning of Christmas in our every day lives that spills over to everything else in our lives including other people. That's the real gift in Christmas, not Black Friday or Cyber Monday!!!

Love is permanent. Things are impermanent. Your soul takes Love with it. It does not take money or things with it. That Christmas gift you got this year will not last. The Love in your soul lasts forever!

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