Saturday, October 17, 2015

Spirit and Only Spirit Moves Me

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art."

When I have experienced works of art in any discipline that are infused with soulfulness, with spirit, I find it to be transcendent because it raises my soul to a higher level. From works of Monet to contemporary musical compositions of John Williams, I have seen and appreciated the hand of spirit in those works.

This is not the case with art alone. I believe in the soulfulness of every day living. I believe that my life, my experiences, my body, my thoughts, feelings, spirit are sacred right now and I feel and know this sacredness in everything around me including the people around me.

Because of this, I look for the spirit in everyone and everything and I use care and discernment with my relationships and experiences because I walk with spirit when I walk with the happenings and people in my life. I do not judge others who don't have this awareness as I believe that when I relate to them, they are perceiving the soulfulness of my aura and I perceive their sacredness. On the other hand, my spirit often will not guide me to soulless experiences. It is not easy for me to be around unaware people although I am around them all the time. What do I do in these lower vibratory situations? I love and bless them and I find that they will honor me in some way. The spirit in them connects with the spirit in me!

Everything I do has this soulfulness and I know this from experience. This has been lifelong. That's just how I relate to people and places. I see this physical experience as sacred and what happens is that everything and one is a transcendental experience for I come at it, I see in it, spirit.

The sacred is right here. You need do nothing more than change your perception and see that all that is in your physical experience is sacred including every word that comes out of your mouth, every morsel of food you take, every feeling you have, every thought you think.

This is contrary to all the major religions that say you have to die or be martyred to go to heaven and experience the sacred. This is wrong and misguided. You can have heaven in your physical experience and know the hand of spirit in your every day life. This physical experience is the art of spirit. You are a work of art!!!

Be transcendent!

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