Thursday, October 15, 2015

Our 3 D Matrix Reality Is Not The Only One

If you believe and think that the reality of the five senses is all there is, I encourage you to look again.  From my experience and perception, the 3 D Matrix we exist in is only several of many levels of realities that exist in Creation.

From my vantage point, I perceive nine levels, planes, realities or dimensions in our physical world.

Here is a list of  the levels of reality:

1. Manasic - joy, rapture.

2. Buddhic - happiness, bliss.

3. Atmic - equanimity.

4. Monadic - sphere of boundless space - 5th aspect.

5. Monadic - sphere of boundless consciousness - 6th aspect.

6. Logoic - 7th Jhana - sphere of no-thingness.

7. Logoic - 8th Jhana - sphere of neither perception nor non-perception.

8. Logoic - 9th Jhana - pure universal identity.

These realities are perceived with expanding consciousness. The 3 D Matrix we perceive is also a consciousness and not the only one.

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