Thursday, September 17, 2015

Too Sensitive? Nah!

Being an ultra-sensitive empath all my life and until fairly recently, I thought my sensitivity was a weakness. I always thought my perceptions were wrong because they showed me the truth about people and situations and I often would refute my own true perceptions because they were too painful to accept. Seeing things on a deeper level was often very disconcerting for me to say the least.

I no longer do that. I have realized and I want to share with you that there is no such thing as being too sensitive. If you are a sensitive, an empath, you are gifted, you have a strength. Yes, it allows you to see through people and situations in the sense that you can feel/perceive the truth. That is, what is true for you based on your perception, not your beliefs or opinion.

This is where what I call spiritual maturity comes in. I believe that when you are spiritually mature and see things as they are, you don't judge them. You have compassion for the person or situation. You give love to the person or situation and know that you don't have to take on their/it's dilemma, negativity or lower vibration.

Let me repeat: your sensitivity helps you know the truth about situations and people. My suggestion is to allow your intuition to grow and develop as this will give you further empathy with others.

In your sensitivity, honor your feelings, honor yourself. Your feelings are coming from your soul! Your soul doesn't lie or mislead. Learn to trust your intuition. Work on it.

When you discern that you are traveling the way of Love and Light with no harm to self or other self, you will know that you have regained your lost esoteric knowledge of your powerful intuition which never steers you wrong.

Sensitivity is a strength so use it accordingly!

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