Thursday, August 6, 2015

Why Wisdom is of Value

Why should anyone bother with wisdom? Why should anyone spend time becoming and being a Wisdom Keeper?

There are many justifications and one that came to me this morning from a Kryon channeling, holds much value for me.

Here is what Kryon, a spirit of magnetic service, said about wisdom: "You don't homogenize a planet through wisdom. What you do through wisdom is get along. The wiser the planet becomes, the greater the ability to find wise solutions for everything. The greater the wisdom, the greater the ability to discover the Creator inside."

Stepping onto your own personal wisdom path is really not some by-product of what you may do in your leisure time. It's not some spiritual fluff. It is an imperative that your future depends on. We can take care of the many issues of our planet, war, hunger, poverty, inequality, disease, over-population, greed, bigotry, hatred and ignorance with being on a path that takes us to our higher aspects for a full expression of love, peace, compassion, understanding and enlightenment. We can and will change our planet for the better with wisdom.

This is real and not some bleeding heart idealism. Each Wisdom Keeper must now tread this path with diligence, vigilance, passion, no judgement and conviction. We have run out of time. You must get on this path to save this planet as NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE US!!! No return of Jesus, Allah, Aliens or anything or anyone one, no Armageddon and apocalypse is ending our planet. So get with the program. We need your help!!!!

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