Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Why Am I Writing This Blog?

Why do I write this blog? I am not getting paid or am I? More than money, I receive wisdom from these writings as I teach/learn and learn/teach and I share wisdom with those who are already on their Wisdom Path.

I like wisdom for I am a Wisdom Keeper.

What is wisdom, anyway?

The best description of wisdom I have been given, so far, is by Paramahansa Yogananda. He says: "Sorrow, illness, and failure are natural results of transgression against Spirit's laws. Wisdom consists in avoiding such violations and finding peace and happiness within yourself through thoughts and actions that are in harmony with your real self. Govern your mind wisely by dwelling upon the positive aspects of life. Do not be satisfied with drops of Wisdom from scanty earthly sources.; rather,  seek Wisdom without measure from Spirit's all-possessing, all-bountiful hands."

That is why, for me, stepping onto my own Wisdom Path is a worthy endeavor of doing and writing about because I am plumbing the depths of Self and it is in those depths that I find what is real...nowhere else.

So to answer the question, yes, I am being remunerated but it is outside the third density of monetary survival. I am growing my riches within. I am being paid by the Universe through a richness in consciousness which is a currency I can use globally, in the solar system, Galaxy, Universe and Cosmos. I've got bank to be an infinity traveler!!!!

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