Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Why Am I Writing This Blog? Maybe You Should

I ask myself, why in the world am I writing this blog? Does anyone care? Am I helping anyone?

What I answered to myself is: I am simply shining my light. I am actively seeking attention to inspire, uplift and direct others to their higher Self's greatest potential.

I have come to understand that it's appropriate to use whatever stage I command to seek attention when I use it to further the Divine Light in others.

What is this Divine Light?

Light, I discovered, is information; love is creation. I must become informed before I can create.

Through this information portal of a blog, I am resonating and radiating my Divine Light to share the information of my intent, a worthwhile intent, I believe, that is the intent of the Cosmos, helping Earth and her people change upward one note in the cosmic octave for the purpose of moving into a fifth dimensional consciousness. A consciousness of love.

I cannot do any different as I am a Blue Ray being of love and wisdom connected to ascended masters. I must do this writing as I am a highly evolved soul, an ultra-sensitive empath star being who has a special connection to the sacred divine feminine, the Blue Ray Orb Beings and the codes of creation. I know my Spiritual purpose and must engage in it.

This I know, this I am. What about you?

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