Sunday, August 2, 2015

We Are Experiencing A "Chaotic Node."

The entire planet is undergoing a chaotic node and everyone and everything is being highly effected by this strong energy. Just look at the behaviors around the planet. Many are frustrated and confused as their nervous systems are under attack from the energies that are causing a major paradigm shift in their consciousness. This is not meant to destroy us but only to move us to a higher level of consciousness.

If you would like more information on chaotic nodes, a good place to start is Tom Kenyon. His work about this is easily found on the Internet.

What this chaotic node is doing to us is calling up our blocks (emotional, mental, spiritual) from our subconscious, exposing our illusions, negative beliefs, our being super attached to outcomes, our feelings of unworthiness, that we can't have what we want and if we have what we want, we'll be in danger. It is highlighting our inner fears to the max!

What can we do about this to assuage this powerful current and maintain our balance? Most importantly, this is the time to "release judgements about yourself and others and focus on the love and light that is within everyone."

Practice feeling and being aware of love inside and all around yourself and others as this will assist you during this chaotic node to "bring back into harmony the discordant vibration, these overlays, projections, separations, untruths and chaotic energy that are masking the unique vibration of each signature energy." That is, your unique signature energy.

The quotes above are from the Council of Light from the book The Council of Light and is some of the best advice for handling this intense energy that is bombarding us now. Take this to heart, it is real. It is happening now!

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