Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Wisdom Path Demands This

As I continue on my own Wisdom Path, I am finding myself needing to be more and more in alignment with what Brendon Burchard, in his book, "The Motivation Manifesto" suggests are the "nine virtues of greatness."

I share these virtues with you that you may consider them for yourself on your own Wisdom Path:

1. Let us demand honesty.

2. Let us demand responsibility.

3. Let us demand intelligence.

4. Let us demand excellence.

5. Let us demand courage.

6. Let us demand respect for others.

7. Let us demand vigilance.

8. Let demand service.

9. Let us demand unity.

Adherence to these virtues within ourselves and bringing others up with us in "demanding" that they too take on these more expanded virtues is a noble start in achieving a much better world, I intuit on my path. Will you make this your path? It may not be a bad idea to read his book.

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