Friday, August 14, 2015

The Righteous-Martyr Syndrome is for...No One

If you are a person who is in a righteous-martyr syndrome, you are in a state of extreme ego imbalance. This state is your religious-mystical aspect way out of whack where you believe your way of communicating with God is the only right way, that God is on your side, that yours is the best religion and you need to change others' minds about their wrong approach to God.

Systems busting reality: God has no religion and does not care how you commune with God. There is no God of a specific people's!!!! God can be approached in an infinite number of ways and your saying you have the ONLY answer concerning how to commune with God is the height of human ego that tips you into a negative state of mind where you have no tolerance for any other idea.

This is the basis for much killing and many wars perpetrated in the name of the fixation on the righteous-martyr syndrome and the three major religions are the perpetrators of the greatest mass killings ever recorded in recent history. These killings continue today, worldwide.

For all of those reading this, may I caution you to AVOID slipping into the righteous-martyr syndrome by reviewing your circumstances in a more neutral light.

Killing or judging your neighbor because of a difference of religious belief is the height of barbaric, tribal warfare and should be left in the dustbin of history!

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