Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Mind is NOT in the brain

The brain is a physical, human organ that is a "processing station," a receiver and not the originator of mind. Mind is quantum and exists OUTSIDE the brain. The brain is a capable survival mechanism that picks up the mind's signals from the Cosmos. How we each process mind is related to each of our own energy signatures that we have from birth and mature on our learning curve as well as our chakras and auras that are vibrationally tuned to the frequencies of mind, etc. That unique energy signature we each have is the basis of our singular psyches, egos and personas that contain our abilities, talents, traits and so-forth.

Our connecting link to intent is our pineal gland located in our brain. This is the gland that connects us to all that is Spirit. Our heart is the true thinking mechanism.

We are much more than a body that is controlled for survival by our brains. Our body is a part of many layers of consciousness ,of which, the most well known are the seven levels of consciousness that teaches us that our souls are multidimensional. They are also known as the seven layer auric body system I have enumerated before and to reiterate, they are:

1. Our etheric body or lower etheric aspect.

2. Our emotional body or lower emotional aspect.

3. Our mental body or lower mental aspect.

The above three bodies make up the physical plane we are so familiar with.

4. The astral plane bridge between the physical and Spiritual planes.

5. Etheric template (physical aspect).

6. Celestial body (emotional aspect).

7. Ketheric body (mental aspect).

The above three planes are known as the Spiritual planes of existence.

These planes are with me always as I exist in them, with them, I am them.

When I sleep, I am more in touch with them and my nightly forays in them are my dreams. I believe dreams are as real as our physical plane and my experiences there are as valid as my earthly ones.

If you wish to say that the mind is in the brain; explain how two different people who don't know each other in different parts of the world get the same idea for an invention at the same time!!!!

Mind is quantum! We are quantum beings wearing a space suit of physical matter in order to maintain a physical experience!!!!!!! Now, it's up to you to discover its purpose!

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