Thursday, August 20, 2015

Go Take a Flying Great Leap!!!

Have you heard of the Spiritual Great Leap? Maybe you have and perhaps you have made the great leap and know from whence I speak.

For those of you who may not know what it is and may not have taken the Great Spiritual Leap yet, please allow me to share what this is.

The ultimate Spiritual Great Leap, I believe, is understanding and accepting that we humans CREATE OUR PERSONAL REALITY!!! We are given authority as spiritual beings to choose in a free will process, how we wish to be, do, have. Nothing blocks this but the gate keeper of our subconscious mind which is the persona/psyche/ego that feels itself apart from spirit and spiritual authority. This is called "separation consciousness" and is the disease of modern man. We are in a strangle hold of disempowerment by the prevailing forces who are aware that we have given up our personal power due to conditioning.

We are also conditioned by the three major religions that spiritual authority is OUTSIDE ourselves. This is not true. Spiritual authority is inside us and we simply have to claim this authority to create our personal reality.

If you want the ultimate life to be, do and have all you desire, take the Great Spiritual Leap in consciousness and remember to use these affirmations every day:

"Since I am aware that I create my reality, I pay attention to what I create."

"Given that what I create is the reflection of my soul, I take care of my soul."

Also remember that thought creates, feelings attract and imagination becomes.

Why wait, go take a flying Great Leap today and collect those dividends since you are the trust fund baby of the Universe.

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