Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Surprise...You're Already Multidimensional!!!

Sorry to have to break it to you but the time has arrived for you to know and accept the truth: you are already metaphysical, multidimensional and spiritual! You don't need to do anything. You have to remember being something!!!

You already exist simultaneously on the nine planes of existence and I can prove it right here.

Let me ask you some questions:

Do you dream?

Do you imagine?

Do you daydream?

Do you feel?

Do you think?

Do you know when something is going to happen before it actually does?

Do you have empathy?

Do you love?

Do you have compassion?

Saying yes to these experiences means that you are part of your quantum, spiritual, cosmic, metaphysical Self.  Can you see, taste, touch, smell or hear love, thoughts, feelings?

These nine planes of existence are a part of you whether you believe in them or not. You have the opportunity to tune into them, align with them, become conscious of them and function in them and be them if you choose and allow. They are there ever patiently waiting for you to acknowledge them.

You cannot escape who and what you are: a quantum being having a denser vibratory experience that feels physically real.  Guess what? Each plane of existence is physically real. Dreams, daydreams, lucid dreams, feelings, thought, etc. are as real as this so-called physical experience.

It's a matter of desiring to become both aware and conscious of your true nature. You decide.

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