Monday, August 3, 2015

Resolve to Learn and Be Who You Are

I am the being of Light I have been waiting for. Nothing is going to save me but myself. I am not made in the IMAGE of anything for I AM that thing in human form. I have NO ORIGINAL SIN. I don't have to give up my power to any Jesus, Rabbi, Allah for I am endowed with what they are!!! I AM Spirit.

What is that thing?

It is the Eternal, the Monad, the Soul, the Spirit having a three density experience in a human format. 

I am the Light. I am perfectly pure, I am expression and communication, sound, speech, speaking honestly, receiving freely from Spirit, processing and assimilating information from The Creative Source Infinite Intelligence, my beloved! I connect with and speak my inner truth, I am a center of transformation and change.

Now that you know me, may I know you? Well, you see, I already do. You are a part of me as there is only one Self here but do you know that? If you don't, it is your job to find out. Once you get this, be it.

This is the most critical and important part of stepping onto your own Wisdom Path and it is the only reason to become a Wisdom Keeper.

Know thy Self. Be thy Self. Love thy Self. When you connect with Self, you ARE!!!

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