Saturday, August 15, 2015

How Do We Embrace Our Power?

Each of us has unbelievable personal power that we can tap into at any moment. With this power, we can create a personal reality of our choosing.

May I encourage you to "own" your personal power by embracing it and know that it is directed by your choices. Poor choices lead to poor creations and vice versa.

We create our personal reality by:

1. Consciously wishing, intending, choosing, desiring what we want to materialize.

2. Having and using a laser-like focus, a concentration upon that intent that makes it possible to visualize that intent, that wish.

3. Garnering the right emotions concerning your wish that will simultaneously serve as a guidance system and as a fuel to increase the speed and the effectiveness of this personal creative process.

Why don't more people create their personal reality to their happiness and satisfaction? Simple: they are not willing or don't yet believe that they can use the above process and are imbued, endowed with this capability of creating their personal reality. They are still buying into the conditioning that it's all an "outside" job when the power lies within.

Until you ARE your personal power, you will attract what you don't want.

I repeat, embrace your power!!!

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