Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Believing is seeing

Our culture is very attached to the dictum, "seeing is believing." This thinking, this opinion is the result of our society's still holding fast to the Cartesian and Newtonion  models of thought, that is, "I think, therefore I am" and that the Universe is a giant machine, literally. This can be seen in people's belief that when they die, the lights go out or that Spirit doesn't exist. It is the essence of materialism and thingness. It is time to slough off this pattern. The reality, the truth is very different.

From my experience on the Wisdom Path, I have discovered that "believing is seeing." Spirit is real and life continues after clinical death. Spirit is waiting for the intelligent awareness of the perceiver to embrace the higher reality of Spirit. Spirit is here whether you believe or not.

Here are ten ways you can cultivate a greater connection to your spirit guides and acknowledge that they are real and that connecting to Spirit is no fakery or hocus pocus as so many believe:

1. Use prayer.

2. Meditate.

3. Connect with your intent. What do you care to actualize?

4. Walk hand in hand with your Spirit allies. Call them forth.

5. Contemplate.

6. Have gratitude.

7. Write letters to your Spirit Guides and consciously wait for answers.

8. Be devoted to the path of walking with Spirit inside and out.

9. Journal your spiritual experiences every day.

10. Take action in being the spirit that you are by sowing seeds of higher awareness.

Spirit is here and is waiting to communicate with you. Doing the above activities will assist you with dynamic ways of communicating with your Guardians. They are real, they are here, they are you!!!!!

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