Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Being Who You Are Is Self-Love

Self-love is misunderstood. Most in our society see self love as being self centered and selfish as in me, for myself alone. Here comes a system's buster: self-love is the epitome of being who you are, being all that you are and coming into contact with other self in the fullest bloom of your beingness. It is the height of service to self AND other self.

In self-love, you have done the job of accepting yourself for who you are and express that joy in every moment. There is no denial of who you are, there is no doubt about who you are, there is no hesitancy in being who you are.

So, who are you then? When you have self-love, you discover that you are Spirit having a multifaceted human experience of a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspect all at once. In self-love, you flow with the current of Universal energy and your persona/psyche/ego looks to come across to self and other self as loving, compassionate, caring, honest, understanding, charitable, connected, wise and peaceful.

Loving yourself is the most powerful step you can take spiritually. It is at the basis of personal power where self-loathing, self-doubt, self-deprecation and self-denial are not a factor in your consciousness.

Being who you are is self-love and it means accepting yourself in every way, the good, bad and the ugly. This is the beauty way, the way to be balanced between earth and heaven.

Go love yourself unconditionally.

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