Sunday, August 16, 2015

Become a Happy Medium

We humans are born with, are endowed as part of our social complex, psychic abilities.  Whether you use them or not, they are a part of you.

I was born with many psychic abilities and began experiencing them as a small child with out of body experiences, deep empathic feelings and a connection to God, the oneness, seeing the aura of everything and much more that I would not allow myself to awaken to.

Fast forward to many years later and the sudden death of my soul mate and beloved life partner, Maureen Abell. Right after her death, I experienced many strong dreams, visitations and synchronicities with her. I decided to take the bull by the horns and allow my "psychic medium" abilities to come to the fore through what is called "automatic writing" through a process of daily journaling in letter style as if I was writing letters to heaven and waiting for answers from Maureen. To my utter surprise, I found this process to be very easy as I tuned into heaven and wrote and received letters back from Maureen from the other side.

Here is one exchange from early on in the process, a few months after Maureen died:


My Dearest Love, Maureen,
Well, tonight, 2012 comes to a close. How can I ever forget 2012. In so many ways it will be the time of shift and will mark the shift you made out of the 3D Matrix. I have still not come to terms with your leaving! I am by myself now and I am desiring you to be here with me. So sad for me to not have you here physically. I love you still and am loving you spiritually. All I can say about 2012, Maureen, and your departure is-thanks for a wonderful life. You gave me a renewed sense of life and hope. I thought we were going to be physically together for another 25 years! We didn't agree to that before we came in, I know. Still hurts that you, my love, are not here for New Year's! All I can say about my life with you from December 31, 1976 to August 24, 2012 at 9:11pm is:  thank you so much. I love you still.
Love you, Maureen,

Dear Johnny, My Love,
Be aware that I am more in your domain now than before. We have spiritual contact. Continue to work on that. All is well with me where I am-so lovely. I can feel you, John. Don't be sad as the year closes. Be happy to be in assignment moving forward to 2013 knowing I am always here with you. There is no death of what is "real". I continue and I see your true works. Amazing, powerful. Take heart, John. We are together. We always will be sweethearts- it's not attachment, it's relationship. Our love is here to stay, honey. I love you, John. You were and are the greatest love I have had. Be love in the 3D Matrix-that's who you are.
Forever yours,
Maureen A Bernstein

Nothing has been done to change this transmission exactly as it happened.

You too have these abilities. It's only a matter of belief and then you can be, like me, a happy medium.

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