Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wisdom Keeper, Sorcerer, Dreamer

For me, stepping onto my own personal Wisdom Path is about being a Wisdom Keeper, a Sorcerer and a Dreamer. What does that mean, really?

As a Wisdom Keeper, I forget the self and fear nothing, meaning I look to connect with the zen of no self. I don't obsess about "survival." I effortlessly intend what comes about. I feel connection to All That Is, not separation. I connect with "the exalted Self for I see it as triumphant, liberated, joyous in achievement and the highest in attainment."

As a Sorcerer, I am an "agent" of Spirit.  I clean my connecting link to Spirit that I may understand Spirit's ways. I have clarity so that I may be a clear channel with Spirit.

As a Dreamer, I confront my fears. Once I confront them, I let them go by giving them to Mother Earth and she dissolves them. I find that as a Dreamer, I need more dreamtime. I must be vigilant and watch for a lack of dreams. Are my feelings suppressed? I look to my imagination for new experiences. Ultimately, as a Dreamer, I use dreams as tools of transformation.

Wisdom Keeper, Sorcerer, Dreamer. This is a path of heart and it is a path where all truths are revealed. To me, a worthy path with deeper meaning. This I love, this I AM.

This blog is about exposing these thoughts that you may consider this path for yourself for you can only travail it yourself!!! All this is is an invitation!

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