Sunday, July 12, 2015

What you ARE, You Attract!

No matter what you are looking for in life, be it health, wealth, joy or some other form of abundance, you must BE it first to attract more of it into your life. It seems contradictory at first blush and it does have a paradoxical nature to it. Don't be daunted by this. It is your ego at work, being doubtful and hesitant!

This is the main kernel of the Law of Attraction: Be, do, have and NOT have, do, be. One must be it first to signal to the Universe that it is. The Universe is already filled with the potentials of abundance.

Many frustrated Law of Attraction believers don't realize that they can fake it 'til they make it because the subconscious doesn't distinguish between so-called reality and imagination. You simply are it to begin with. You believe you are what you are seeking and you align with that vibration and it manifests in your life.

What if it doesn't manifest, you ask? This is a matter of perspective. Whatever you seek, it will come to you and it may come in a different form or level than you believed. That is, it may come in a big way or it may come in not such a big way. If you want to become a great actor, act. Just act. You may become famous or not but when you keep working on your acting, you will eventually become great. It's not the level that counts, it's that you are doing it. You will be remunerated for your acting because you are doing what you love. If you are an actor and are only waiting on tables and never acting, you are not an actor, you are a waiter. You must be the thing you seek first. In our reality, being is doing the thing.That is the Law.

When you think, feel and imagine that you are a thing, that thing will appear in your life. The main actionable idea of the Law of Attraction is that you have to be in alignment, attunement, agreement with your own beliefs. Your conscious and subconscious minds must be acting in concert and this is where belief comes into play. Your whole being must believe it, not just your conscious mind.

Remember, thought creates, feelings attract and imagination becomes.

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