Monday, July 6, 2015

What Mistakes?

People on earth still think they make mistakes! There are no mistakes. Each of us creates our own reality and must therefore take ownership of the life we lead.

 When an action seems to go awry, simply correct this action. "Set aside your pride and defenses and acknowledge your mistakes. Don't, however, languish in remorse or paralyze yourself with righteous self-defense."

"Apologize, forgive, make amends. Then move on, forget it, because your karma is complete." As written by Sonia Choquette.

When a karmic lesson is experienced, learn from it. Pay attention to the experience and get its teaching. It came to you for a reason. Once you realize it's lesson for you, you really don't ever have to repeat it.

Stop banging your head against the wall. Learn the lesson, let go and move on to other experiences and don't stay stuck in the same karma becoming what is known as a one note Charlie. Join the symphony of expression. You are meant to!

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