Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"To Doubt, You Have to Know More than the Believer!"

I know that I Am God. I firmly believe that God is within my being.

You may doubt that affirmation because you are doubtful and YOU believe that I am saying that I am ALL of God. I am not all of God. I am a piece of God, a fragment of the Eternal Self living as a human on Terra. We all are. This Universe is God's country!

This is my EXPERIENCE and you CANNOT doubt this in me unless you also contain, have this experience of being God. Do you have this God awareness and consciousness?

Those who doubt my experience, my belief of being God may be approaching their doubt from an intellectual point of view, from their persona, psyche and ego. The mind cannot experience God. Oh, yes, it thinks it does. It cannot because intellect is not Spiritual. God is Spirit and that is beyond the scope of mind in human form, that is, the lower mind and ego. It cannot experience Spirit in the way that our non-human awareness does.

If you want to experience God, knock on God's door and when he answers and you open the door, have the courage to face him!!! Embrace him. Be him.

I have faced God. What I discovered is that I AM HIM.

This, to me, is irrefutable. If you know something more than this believer, you can doubt me. Until then, it would be of benefit to find out what I'm talking about here. No doubt.

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