Friday, July 3, 2015

Step on Your Wisdom Path - Work with Your Higher Self

When you consciously step onto your own Wisdom Path, you naturally open up to and eventually commune with your Higher Self which is already with you. Once YOU allow connection to your Higher Self you will begin to embody it. Here are some of the realities you will manifest as you embrace your Higher Self:

1. You will start developing higher sensory perception.

2. There will be more clarity about your soul purpose.

3. You will meet your soul family.

4. You will meet your twin flame or soul mate.

5. More synchronicities will happen and you will have accelerated manifestations.

6. YOU will take responsibility for YOUR happiness.

7. You will embrace ALL your emotions.

8. You will perceive the true nature of reality which is holographic.

9. You will develop alchemical and healing powers.

10. Your DNA will begin to activate.

11. You will have unconditional self-love.

12. You will integrate and transcend your shadow self thereby laughing at your demons.

13. You will increase your frequency resonance, your attunement and alignment to higher spiritual vibrations.

14. Honest yes and honest no.

15. You will have more harmonic family relationships.

16. No guilt. No shame.

17. You will make decisions in line with your Higher Self.

18. You will have greater inner and outer abundance.

19. Your mind will be unplugged from the 3D matrix.

20. Bye bye idolatry.

21. You will be overflowing with gratitude.

22. You won't take yourself too seriously.

There are many great benefits to embodying your Higher Self but you must be ready, willing and able to deal with these changes that will come about in you and your life. Contemplate these aspects of embodying your Higher Self and move forward when you are ready if you have not already done so. You have all the time in the world for you are yesterday, today and tomorrow!!!

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