Sunday, July 26, 2015


My new business card: "Renegade Member of Family of Light. Systems Buster. Available for Altering Systems of Consciousness within the free will universe. On Call." I have been this for eons on Earth and, in this lifetime, have become more conscious of my role.

Be aware that it has nothing to do with destruction and negativity. I am not here to bust up our planetary lives. Quite the opposite. It is a vibration that transforms and transmutes old energy into higher vibrating, new energy.  It is about positive change in how we think, feel and imagin, taking the steps to move into high levels of awareness.

This may seem esoteric and it is, to the uninitiated. If your consciousness is not with what I am sharing here, this will be a bunch of mumbo jumbo to you as well it should be. I post this for those who are curious about their own deeper reasons for being on planet.

Take the step to investigate who YOU really are. Your reason for being here is more complex than you allow for. Yes, we are Spirit having a human experience but what experiences are we MEANT to have?

What did you plan for yourself before you came to Earth? What are you all about? What is your soul all about? What is your soul correction?

These questions are vitally important to ask yourself and find the answers to. Why? For me, the answer is because knowing brings you understanding which ultimately brings you enlightenment.

Know thyself and better yet, BE THYSELF!!!!!

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