Monday, July 20, 2015

Own Your Grandeur

Some advice I got several years ago that still resonates with me today: "It is time to own your grandeur, not your grandiosity."

Since what we experience is our own state of consciousness projected, are you in the consciousness of your persona, psyche, ego thus projecting your grandiosity or are you in the consciousness of your Spirit thus projecting your grandeur?

To me, it's a matter of how entrenched you are with your identity. If your identity is ego-based, that's what you'll project out to the world and that's what you will believe is real and that's what the Universe will give back to you. The Universe is simply a mirror. Your concerns will be mostly about your self, your survival, your worries, fears, doubts, hesitations. You will be mostly of the rational, the intellectual, beliefs, possibly dogma, and that which is mostly of the psyche. Your preoccupations will be in opinion and conjecture.

If your identity is Spirit-based, you will see your reality as not for myself alone, your consciousness will be an expanding of awareness and perception, you will love rather than fear, worry will be a waste of your energy, there will be no doubts or hesitations in general in your way of identity. You will be mostly of the reality of spiritual experience, being and connection. You will preoccupy yourself with facts and perception and you will be more interested in unity rather than separation.

What direction are you going in? Are you owning your grandeur or your grandiosity? Each of us has choice, free will to identify with either ego or Spirit.

I see this time as the Universe presenting us with an opportunity to soar above the mundane levels of our lives. I am taking that opportunity. You?

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