Monday, July 13, 2015

Nothing Real Can Be Threatened

To be "real" in this world is to be the spiritual being that you are. You recognize, accept and act from the reality that you, as this human format, are slowed down spirit. You are vibrating at that level of light frequency that gives you a so-called material existence. It feels as real as a dream.

The basis for all that you are in human terms comes from being Spirit that is having a human experience and therefore, everything in your existence springs out of spirit from pain to sickness, from joy to happiness. It all has its seeds, it's antecedent in Spirit.

When you allow, believe, and accept that you are Spirit come to a material realm, you will have the personal power of creating your reality that you were meant to have.


Accepting and allowing your inherent spirituality makes you more real, not less.

It's hard to see, believe, accept and allow Spirit as real since we can't see it in human terms. Above all, to believe in Spirit, you must experience Spirit. Once you do, you can't go back to saying Spirit is not real.

The best way to begin to connect with Spirit is through meditation. Work on this and Spirit will come into your life more and more. You will become more "real." You will recognize that you are in the driver's seat. This driver cannot be threatened. It IS and always will be.

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