Friday, July 31, 2015

Mental Strength Includes...Not Doing These Things

Mental strength is a critical aspect of being able to navigate all levels of our inherent multidimensionality from our mental and emotional selves to our etheric and spiritual selves.

As you wend your way through the twists and turns of the Wisdom Path, consider your mental strength and what NOT to do to stay mentally strong:

1. Don't waste time feeling sorry for yourself. Don't go to the place of pity.

2. Don't give away your personal power. No one is better than you.

3. Don't shy away from change. Get out of your comfort zone because change is the constant.

4. Don't waste energy on things you can't control especially in the area of what others believe.

5. Stop worrying about pleasing others.

6. Release the fear of taking calculated risks.

7. Watch that you don't dwell on the past.

8. Put the brakes on making the SAME mistakes over and over again.

9. Please don't resent other people's success.

10. Never give up after failing.

11. Resist fearing alone time.

12. Stop believing the world owes you anything.

13. Don't expect immediate results.

Practicing these will improve your sense of self-worth which is an important ingredient in reaching higher levels of awareness. When you believe you are worthy, doors open to you. Keep up your mental strength as you're going to need it during this chaotic node.

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