Thursday, July 23, 2015

Loving Your Humanness is MORE Spiritual

You are a soul having a human experience for the purpose of expanding your soul's awareness. There is much information about this being made available and simply go within yourself to corroborate this. This truth is in you.

With all the spiritual information being made available during this great shift in consciousness we are having right now as we speak, remember, you are still human and still have the forces of your persona/psyche/ego acting on you.

You can meditate and be peace and still have a disagreement with your spouse. You can practice mindfulness and still get angry at yourself or someone else. You can send compassion into the world to help ease others' suffering but you may still suffer from indigestion. Being spiritual doesn't stop your humanity, it enhances it.

While you can use spiritual tools to help alleviate the suffering caused by the machinations of your persona/psyche/ego, these will always be a part of your experience to some degree when you are human.

In my perception, the experience I am having is not the experience of getting rid of my persona/psyche/ego. I want them with me and I know their character. I also know the character of my soul and it tells me to love and parent my human nature. It tells me that I purposely took on certain personality traits to help me in my soul growth. It's part of my soul correction to learn what I must change in myself.

Wisdom of our human existence comes when we recognize what we are here to learn and accept that learning and move on from it when we have learned. It is not about continually suffering from the same mistakes of our persona. That's called stupidity.  Personal growth is important.

Our persona/psyches/egos are with us to teach us as well as help on navigate in this lower density experience. Getting rid of that part of yourself is tantamount to banishing yourself to a dead planet.

We will release our human form soon enough. Learning to love your human self is the basis of being more spiritual, I contend.

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