Friday, July 10, 2015

Is It My Opinion That Spirit Exists?

Many have told me it is my opinion that Spirit exists! Really?

What they don't know and won't believe: I have worked diligently to grow and maintain my intimate connection to Spirit through my perception, through my connecting link to intent. Opinion is the realm of persona, psyche and ego and my connection to Spirit does not come from that side of me. I don't perceive Spirit with my psyche; I perceive Spirit with my intuitive, psychic awareness.

I pick up Spiritual vibrations through my pineal gland, through my Aura and Chakras. These are not rational, conscious or linear. The persona does not think in Spiritual language, it thinks in logical ways and is totally baffled by Spirit.

One learns to use one's connecting link to Spirit to understand Spirit's language. It takes effort, a willingness to open up to Spirit. That is what stepping onto your own Wisdom Path is all about. Taking the courageous step in connecting to and with Spirit. It is an initiation into a metaphysical realm that is more real than the logical realm.

Do not condemn Spirit because your rational mind doesn't understand it. Go through the initiation of allowing Spirit to enter your life and travel on this very good road of Spiritual awareness. From one who travails it daily, I encourage you to jump in, the way is fine!!!

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