Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I Am A Blue Ray Being...Who Are You?

I am a Blue Ray Being from a distant Light Realm. I am not of this Solor System, Galaxy or Universe. I am a Cosmic Being of Light come to Earth for the sole purpose of helping Gaia release karma.

You will find my vibrational frequency to be of healing, calming, loving, wise, compassionate, sensitive and empathic. That is the essence of the Blue Ray vibratory frequency.

Those of you who read this are called here to hear the truth whether you believe it or not. Most will scoff at my assertion of who I am because of strong belief systems conditioned by culture, religion and politics that deny the existence of such a one as me.

Don't look now, but the Blue Ray is a group consciousness. There are many of us who have been here and are here now, like me. Some you may know like Lord Sananda (Jesus), Paramahansa Yogananda, Thomas Jefferson, and many more.

Now the question is, since I told you who I am, who are you?

Do you know who you really are for you are not just your persona, psyche, ego? Oh, I know you may limit your awareness and believe that's all you are. That is your free will choice. I am here to tell you that you are much more.

Perhaps you are a renegade, wanderer, specialist like me!

The message of this blog is: find out who YOU are! It's time.

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