Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Greatest Disease - Lack of Appreciation and Gratitude

Contemporary man and especially Americans, suffer greatly from a terrible disease: the lack of appreciation and gratitude not only for themselves and others but for the very land they live in and receive such blessings from.

This disease is at the core of why there is so much suffering, rage, angst and misery in this country. Instead of having appreciation and gratitude for what is available in this country, we have a society of whiners, complainers, a land of divisiveness, a place of greed and over-indulgence.

We can see this very clearly in our politics and our media that plays on divisive memes that enrages people for the sake of whipping up a political base so a politician and media company can get greater poll numbers and ratings.

This state of affairs is very egregious and this is what will lead to a faltered society that many believe has already happened.

Let us begin to appreciate and be grateful for what we have here in America and stop all the backbiting and negative memes. Let us make suggestions as to how to make things better rather than tear those who are in our government down. Instead of all this recrimination, let us vote. Let us use our power as a free country and APPRECIATE AND HAVE GRATITUDE FOR OUR LIBERTIES AND FREEDOMS HOWEVER IMPERFECT THEY ARE!!!!!!

If there is any disease that is causing harm to our country; it is our lack of appreciation and gratitude for the abundance we are gifted with.

I have never seen so many people crying in their money bags, so many fearing their neighbor.

You want to turn this country around? Start appreciating and having gratitude for what you have and where you live!

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