Sunday, July 5, 2015

Face Your Shadow Side

All of us have a "shadow side" to some degree or another. How does this "shadow side" show itself? This aspect of our persona, psyche, ego, manifests from our reptilian brain, our unconscious as selfishness, jealousy, aggression, abuse, suspicion, insensitivity or manipulation.

It is also part of what is called and known as the repressed inner child where you, being lead by your persona, psyche, ego, act out of your fears rather than the wisdom of your Higher Self.

When you face your "shadow side" and accept that this is controlling you and it is a part of you, you allow your will to make appropriate adjustments where you begin to walk your wisdom path and are able to "parent" this willful side of your nature.

It's not about getting rid of or disposing of your ego. It's about facing it and making those changes in your negative thinking and behavior that hold you back from peace, happiness, compassion and love.

Don't fear facing your shadow side no matter how painful and if it is too difficult for you to deal with your demons, seek a qualified therapist or spiritual healer to guide you through the process of handling your inner shadow to eventually let your demons go!

Once you really deal with your "shadow side" and realize these are just fear constructs that can be alleviated by changing your perspective, you will gain new found inner strength and know that the only reality is Unity consciousness...there is really no shadow...only your belief in it.

Make no mistake, this process takes courage, discipline and self-love, all of which is also within you!!!

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